I'm Jessica Olguin MA LAC, LPC

Life experience coupled with extensive education accurately equips me, to meet you, right where you are! I'm a seasoned Licensed Addition Counselor and a Licensed Professional Counselor. 


Bachelors of Human Service - Addiction - Metropolitan State University of Colorado

Masters of Arts in Counseling - Colorado Christian University

Attending Colorado Christian University was an exceptional experience. I gained insight into my own spiritual walk as well as expanding my knowledge and understanding of the spiritual life. This understanding permitted me to ask myself, “How do I honor the person I am created to be?” Joyful Soul Counseling was my answer. Therapy is also my passion. My personal journey, like many of you, has been a mixed series of challenges and profound blessings. It has required me to evaluate myself and search out who I am. I had to ask and answer, the tough questions, “Am I being genuine within my own walk?” “Am I doing everything I can to be the best me I can be?  I strive to be a person of integrity while setting and obtaining necessary and desirable goals. I practice compassion and completely understand progress takes time.


I desire to provide you the opportunity to build a therapeutic relationship that nurtures growth, healing and hope while learning to experience true joy. True joy is essential to our well-being as human beings. And, being an essential, therefore is attainable.


Joy is not dependent on our circumstances. It is deeper and a more multifaceted essential to our well-being as human beings. Joy moves past our emotions and births the seed of joy deep within us. Allow yourselves to move through the emotions and connect with the source of true joy, it will remain and shine in the darkest hours.


A Genuine and Compassionate Experience.

Offering appropriate counseling for those places in life that are unknown, painful, unmanageable or full of fear, is a priority for me.  Targeting a diversity of addictions with both men and women is the foundation of Joyful Soul Counseling. It has given me the privileged opportunity to witness first-hand, true growth and constructive change that enables people to develop into the cherished individuals God created them to be.

  •  Discover trigger points and circumstances that manifest anxiety, depression, and addictions,
  • Improve mental health, traumatic memories, and control issues.
  • Special needs parenting. Having a child with special needs I have learned to manage my self-care in new ways and find methods to seek joy rather than be consumed by the struggles that are faced daily. The overwhelming sense of not being able to take away a child's challenges has taught me let go of the control I never really had.


Innovative Treatment 

At Joyful Soul Counseling, we utilize Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR), to aid the reprocessing of trauma you have experienced in your life.  

At Joyful Soul Counseling we utilize Emotional Freedom TechniqueEmotional freedom technique (EFT) is primarily used to decrease or eradicate negative emotions associated with memories, situations or traumatic events.

Internships with Joyful Soul


I'm Jamalynn Holloway and I look forward to creating with you!


Bachelors of Science - Psychology - Colorado Christian University

Masters of Arts in Counseling - Colorado Christian University - ongoing

Our lives can be messy and unpredictable but learning ways to silence our inner critic and reframe our thoughts can help clear a new path for self-compassion and personal growth.

My personal story is one that is full of hope. I have experienced the struggles and stresses of life first-hand and therefore have a perspective of what it takes to experience positive change. My passion and calling in life is to help my clients find hope for their positive change.

My professional story is still being formed and I believe that my clients are also still forming their stories. I am a currently a graduate student at Colorado Christian University. I am pursing a Master’s in the Arts of Clinical Mental Health Counseling. As part of my educational journey, I will be completing my practicum and internship hours at Joyful Soul Counseling; PLLC under the direct supervision of Jessica Olguin MA LAC, LPC.

I practice using a holistic and integrative approach. I incorporate strengths-based, solution-focused, mindfulness, narrative, and cognitive-behavioral therapy perspectives to initiate change in a positive and empathetic way.

I believe in a collaborative approach to addressing your needs and providing you with the space to empower yourself. Our work together will focus on exploring the strengths and vulnerabilities that can help you conquer your past, present, and future challenges.


If you're searching for faith infused professional counseling, contact us today!